Tis the Season

Sydney loves all holidays and her joy being surrounded by family isn’t something that we always experienced. Today she’s counting down to a bonfire at Uncle Jake’s house tonight, maybe that’s why she got all fancy this morning.

Each year I say I’m not going to stress about the holidays and I’ve gotten better. Yes, I’m looking for a television as our family gift, so I’ll be checking out the deals online. My days of Black Friday shopping are over and so is my need to have my house look like a toy store on Christmas morning.

For Thanksgiving, we would like to donate to a food bank, or invite someone to join us for dinner. For Christmas we want to donate to a charity, but we haven’t decided which one yet.

As far as shopping I want to shop local this year. I want to support local businesses and find new hidden treasures to discover.

My anxiety might be sprinkled with glitter this year because I’m fancy like that. It won’t compare to the panic that would set in as soon as I heard Christmas carols in the past.

I hated the holidays after my divorce and I’m glad that I no longer feel that way. This year I’ll continue to send Christmas cards because that brings me joy, we will wear our matching pajamas, have our first ever cookie challenge contest and spend time with the people we love.

I know you may dread the holidays, and feel the pressure of keeping up with the commercial aspect of the holidays, but don’t fall into that trap.

Celebrate the holidays in a way that makes your heart happy. No stress, just blessings today and always.



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