Let It Snow

Once a month I’ve started scheduling “me time”. As much as I would love to schedule time with friends, some months I celebrate “me time” all by myself. My “me time” activity also has to fit into my budget. In August I signed up for a sled workshop. I completely forgot about it until the owner of UNika Customs, messaged me to remind me of the workshop.

The owners were amazing and the group of ladies there were friendly. I don’t mind going places where I don’t know anyone. It gives me time to enjoy my own company, in case I don’t click with the others there.

I blogged yesterday about supporting local businesses and I found my new favorite shop. I was able to buy a gift for a friend for her birthday while I was I was at the store yesterday.

The shop was decorated for the holidays and sells gifts for anyone on your holiday list. Their shop made you feel welcome and the selection is one of a kind.

I love my finished sled and I’m proud for embracing my crafty side.

Remember to treat yourself to a pedicure, a dance class, a yoga class, dinner or a movie. Taking time away from the demands of your life will rejuvenate you and give you the fuel you need to persevere. I wonder what I will plan for December.



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