Jump Out Of The Car And Pose For The Camera

This wasn’t planned at all it was cold and windy outside. Harrison’s shirt had a stain on the front and Syd was wearing the same denim jacket from last year’s Christmas card photo card.

It didn’t matter because I saw an opportunity and I took it. Any other time I would have been upset that I wasn’t color coordinated to match my kids to get in the picture. It was the three of us and I wasn’t stalking strangers in Odessa to take our picture and I wasn’t feeling a selfie for the Christmas card this year. I’m not in the photo this year and I’m fine with that.

This was going to be stress free family pics so jump out of the car and pose and that’s just what they did. This isn’t pretty and it’s not the picture I am using for our card. In less than five minutes I captured candid pictures of Harrison and Sydney laughing, posing and freezing.

I know they think I’m cray cray but they go along with me because I don’t ask for much. Syd’s electric blue makeup was a bit much and Harrison’s fake smile was killing me. It didn’t matter as I snapped pictures with my iPhone, I felt lucky and blessed.

Take time out of your day to strike a pose and don’t care who’s watching.



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