Hit the Badass Button

I thought my Bye Felecia bell was the best, that was until I got my badass button. The badass talking button has five phrases for your pleasure.

“You are a badass!”

“Feed fear a suck-it sandwich!”

“Do what you love.”

“You create your reality.”

“You can dooo eeet!”

Just imagine pushing the badass button before going to work, or helping your kids with homework. It’s that extra little push to get you moving to face whatever is waiting for you. Before I go to CrossFit I’m hitting the badass button.

I needed this in your face inspiration this week because I’m crossing into unknown territory that is out of my comfort zone. The more I want to go back to what feels comfortable, I’m reminded that I need to do what I love.

I know there’s someone in your life that needs this badass button and that someone just might be you.



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