Did You Notice A Trend?

Yesterday my friend Cindy shared a post about the frustration all mothers deal with and that is laundry. I don’t think empty laundry baskets exist, unless you just bought one from Target, or it is empty because you just put all of the clothes in the washing machine.

It is good to know we are not alone, it may seem like everyone else has it under control and keep in mind I’m just talking about the laundry here, but that’s not the case. My kids think it’s a treasure hunt searching for clean underwear in the piles of clean clothes that haven’t been folded yet.

I had a brilliant idea to add some Pinterest swag to the laundry room because then I knew I would be on top of things. No, didn’t work there are still piles of laundry on the floor.

I noticed a trend yesterday, all of my teacher friends were commenting and showing pictures of their laundry piles. It was like a solidarity moment. As full time working mothers in a demanding and stressful profession, we didn’t break each other down. We stood together and united to accept that this too shall pass.

As my teacher friends and I prepare to work 21 hours over the next two days for parent teacher conferences this week. Let us remember what is important and I can guarantee you it’s not the piles of laundry in our homes.

Stay strong teachers, keep you caffeine and your Bible close.



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