Autism Is Autism

They asked me if she was high functioning. I replied, “She has autism.” They asked if she was in the middle of the spectrum. I replied, “She has autism.”

It doesn’t matter where she fits on the autism spectrum, autism is autism. When parents are so quick so say, “But my child is high functioning.” Is that to make them feel better about their child’s diagnosis? Last time I checked autism is autism.

It doesn’t matter if Syd is high functioning or not. She lives with a disability that isn’t going away. Our lives are forever changed regardless of where she falls on the spectrum. The statistics are climbing and autistic children grow up to become autistic adults. We need to make sure inclusion happens on all levels.

The last few weeks have had me researching topics like, guardianship, life after high school, my will, and the list goes on. I’ve been in advocate mode searching for ways to work with her school to provide programs that are appropriate for children with autism. I won’t stop!



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