Life In A Jack In the Box

I had a love hate relationship with a Jack in the Box. Yes, I’m talking about the toy. No matter how many times I pushed that creepy thing into the box. I acted surprised when it popped up out of the box staring at me.

I don’t know if it was the music, anticipation or because I was bored, that toy kept me occupied for hours. Today I find my life similar to the Jack in the Box toy. I’m cramming myself into situations that I have outgrown. I stay because I am fearful of change and afraid of failing.

I’ve outgrown situations, jobs and people, yet I still allow myself to be stuffed in a box only to pop out for a surprise visit. There comes a time in life when our world shifts and we don’t allow ourselves to grow because then we won’t fit into the perfect box of life. Actually what we are really doing is causing misery. If we allow ourselves to rise above, follow our dreams, and step out of the familiarity and walk boldly into our vision. We would be happy people.

Allow yourself to stand tall embrace what is waiting for you.



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