A Special Occasion

After my divorce I realized that I don’t need to wait for a special occasion to celebrate. I have Sydney to thank, because she likes to use the China for breakfast! I always saved the China for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Why was I waiting? Each day I am alive, there is something for me to celebrate.

Stop saving the guest towels and satin sheets for relatives that visit. Wear your good underwear and lingerie just because. Single moms we don’t need to wear granny panties. We can wear Victoria Secret 5 for $25 panties too! You deserve the best today and every day.

If we keep waiting on that special day we just might miss it. Please don’t tell me you’re holding on to that special bottle of wine for a special event. Wednesday is a special occasion, open the wine.

Find a reason to celebrate today, I can think of two reasons of my own.



3 thoughts on “A Special Occasion

  1. Happy new year darl! I totally relate to this! This is something I’ve promised myself. To see every day as a special day. Wear sexy lingerie every single day even if i don’t have a date! Look good every day and everything I tend to put off for so called special occasions. Thanks for the reminder! May 2019 be beautiful for you and yours!

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