I Tried To Throw You A Life Vest

I’ll never say I told you so. I will however tell you that “I tried to throw you a life vest and you didn’t grab it.” One of my gifts is my ability to talk people off the edge, to pray with them, listen to them vent, try to counsel them if I feel like I can help and share my struggles to guide them on the right path.

Some will take my advice and run, some will keep coming back until I tell them the advice that they want to hear.

When I see people drowning I’m the first one to try and help them even though I can’t swim and can barely stay a float on my own journey. I offer a life vest when I can to help get them back on land.

If you choose to ignore the life vest don’t say I didn’t warn you. Sometimes you don’t see what’s ahead of you but others can and it’s only out of love and concern that they try to help you swim before you sink.

Sink or swim? You decide.



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