Press On Nails and Book Signing Fun

I thought ten people would come to my book signing event and three of them would be my family members. When I noticed almost 40 people waiting for me to speak I needed a moment to talk to Jesus.

Earlier I prayed about having a successful day, did my best to spread the word, bought books to sell and prepared my speech.

Two hours before my event I looked at my hands and thought I can’t sign books like this. I applied Syd’s press on nails and I was good to go! I wish I had a picture to share with you, but I lost two nails at the event and pulled the rest off while sitting in the driveway when we arrived home.

I almost let my “ugly hands” throw me off my game. The event was fabulous. The love and support that I felt from the room touched my heart. I felt the spirit of God in the building, maybe being in a building that was once a church might have had something to do with that.

I cried several times, once when my friend Jennifer gave me a mug that was perfect for me, again when my college roommate from Michigan State walked in and finally when I spoke about several parts of my book.

It was humbling talking with people that read the book and hearing their comments, it motivated me to continue writing and to start stepping out on faith when promoting my book I Am Enough.



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