Own Your Story

If I’ve learned anything watching others over the past week it is that we all have a story, but we have to own it. Some may appear to be on top of the world, yet they struggle to make it through the day. Those with the most struggles are often the ones with the biggest smiles because they know what living in darkness feels like.

Own your story, the part that is ghetto fabulous, a reality tv show, embarrassing, humiliating and the parts that have left you bruised and broken. Own it! Work it! Flaunt it! Your story tells more about you than you ever could. When you share your story you bless others while also blessing your own soul.

I’ve been around some unhappy people lately and I finally had to tell them to own their story, read it again and move on. The past is a terrible thing to hold on to while living in the present. Your story defines you, but don’t let it kill you.



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