I Think You Know Where This Is Going

I was going to title this blog Female Condom or Let’s Talk About Sex but chickened out.

This is a follow up to my first blog about autism and puberty. Those two words really shouldn’t go together but they do.

I can remember coming back from our dream trip to Disney on Monday evening, my ex husband showed up on my doorstep on Wednesday and Sydney got her period for the first time on Thursday. I just knew that Jesus was coming back on Friday of that week. That was almost three years ago.

Autism is all fun and cute when your child is little. Fast forward to body odor, hair growing on their body and puberty and it’s not so cute anymore.

Sydney has handled her “lady days” as she calls them better than I expected. With puberty comes the chance of increased seizure activity for her.

Now Sydney will ask for help if needed but can handle her lady days/princess period with her princess pads just fine. Don’t judge me until you’ve walked into my shoes.

The latest puberty issue was when Syd had the sex ed talk at school. She came home with flyers and a ton of information. Getting Syd to tell me about her day has always been difficult.

When she came home from school and I asked her what did she talk about today. She quickly replied, “Female condom.” I didn’t have to prompt her for a response, give her choices or use her communication device. Female condom stuck in her brain and she had to show me the handout with all of the information.

It was a wake up call that Sydney isn’t my baby girl anymore. I will try my best to protect her from predators and my fear is that she will be taken advantage of if I’m not around.

This was an area that was difficult to discuss and prepare for but it was necessary. I can’t wait to find out what Sydney learns in school today.



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