This Is Autism

They say weeping maybe endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. This was autism in our home last night. We had an amazing week, and a busy week. We did more this week than we have done in six months.

I should have known I pushed her to her limits, but she was handling it, so I was thought we could keep it rolling. I’m not sure what the trigger was. Maybe it was the airheads I forgot to buy, or the wrong color bath towel, or maybe it was the schedule for tomorrow. I reminded her that she’s spending the night with Auntie Ciscely after the Autism Walk. Whatever it was it was something and it came quick and unexpected just like autism usually does.

Syd cried for an hour, not a cry from pain or hunger. It was just a cry that lingered on and on. It could be PMS from her lady days this week. It could have been exhaustion.

She cried and I sang Baptist hymns and made up my own lyrics. It was those damn airheads. Now I admit I thought about jumping in the car, in the rain with my silk scarf wrapped around my head to go to Walgreens and get Airheads.

Then I thought no! Not today autism. I know Syd’s brain was not going to let it go. Harrison came to her rescue and was looking at me like I was crazy for not jumping in the car to get the Airheads.

I explained to Syd that I understood she was disappointed, but she would have to wait for Airheads.

She just woke up asking for Airheads, the Autism Walk and Spring Break. 🤷🏽‍♀️😊

That’s autism in Copher’s Community.



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