The Wedding Blog

Here’s the follow up to my plus one dilemma. I decided to attend the wedding in Pennsylvania solo and I am so glad that I did.

First of all I love weddings and I always cry when I attend a wedding. I had the chance to see two special friends get married and I cried like a baby.

Everything was perfect! The venue, the weather, the bride, the meal, the cake and the music. It was an elegant and classy wedding and I am so glad that they invited me to be a part of their special day.

I admit I had a flashback to my wedding in 1999 and then I quickly fast forwarded to the present. At first I wanted to bring a date because that’s what I thought was expected of me. I decided to go alone. I would have a hotel room to myself and I wouldn’t have to worry if my date was having a good time.

I’m proud of myself for going alone. It was fun dressing up and talking with adults! I had no problem mingling and even enjoying some time alone with a drink in my hand people watching.

My favorite party of the evening was the dancing. I don’t need a dance partner. When a song comes on that brings back memories I have to dance and that’s just what I did. I just hope she burns the pictures the photographer took of me on the dance floor.

I hit the dance floor and danced like I was the only one in the room. There was something so liberating and free being confident enough to shake what my mama gave me on the dance floor.

Also, when you are the only black person at the wedding you get to lead all of the line dances like the Wobble and Cupid Shuffle. 😉

Tomorrow isn’t promised so be happy and enjoy today and appreciate the love that surrounds you.



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