Have I Taught You Anything?

I wonder if me sharing our autism journey made a difference. Is someone now aware of the signs of autism? Does someone understand the need for sensory friendly events? Will someone smile at a parent trying to comfort their child during a meltdown? Will you embrace the child with a disability that is in your class? Will you teach your children the importance of inclusion? Will you contact your legislators to stress the importance of funding and resources for adults with disabilities?

I don’t share Sydney for sympathy or for accolades about how I am such an amazing mother. 😉 I share Sydney stories, so that you can be aware that just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean they didn’t fight like hell to make it to work that day after an autism night.

I share Sydney so people know they have a voice and so does their child. I advocate for Sydney at school and in our community. I want people to know Sydney, to feel comfortable being around her and give her a chance to make you smile. That doesn’t take long at all.

I want you to understand the many faces of autism. Every story is different and beautiful. What have you learned and what will you do with the new knowledge?



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