I’ll Be Happy When

I’ll be happy when I lose ten more pounds. I’ll be happy when I find a step daddy for my kids. I’ll be happy when I write another book. I’ll be happy when I can learn to say no. I’ll be happy when we take a vacation. I’ll be happy when…..

This past week taught me to be happy in the moment. Be happy in the moment of uncertainty, and to be happy with the challenges that I face.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy but I realized how much happier I could be without analyzing every scenario in my life.

Summer allows me time to reflect and enjoy the moments of chaos in my house, the moments of laughter, the moments of the dance party with the kids and even the moments when we cry.

In life we are always waiting. We’re waiting for Jesus to return, waiting on the next paycheck, waiting on a new life, love or job. Well, I’m done waiting. You can keep on waiting. I’ll be over here living my best life.



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