Sorry Kids, It’s S’mores In The Microwave

I try to expose Harrison and Sydney to different experiences. I’ve always tried to build their prior knowledge and vocabulary. This past weekend they asked me what we were going to do ten times a day.

No, we’re not going to the beach. No, we’re not going on a trip or to the movies, but we can make s’mores in the microwave. That’s the best I can do for you guys!

I wasn’t prepared to “people” and I knew with it being the holiday weekend, people would be everywhere. I also wanted to be smart financially and make wise money choices. For a moment I felt guilty about not planning something for us to do. It only lasted briefly because we had plenty to do. I had webinars to watch for snow hours. Harrison needed to clean his room and catch up on homework, and Sydney needed to make her pile of toys to donate and the list goes on.

I have to tell my children no often. At first I felt guilty like I was a terrible mom. I hope that I am showing them the reality of life. Learn to accept no at an early age. Some adults are still struggling in this area. I reminded Harrison and Syd that we will always have s’mores in the microwave.



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