I’m Scared

It’s no secret I’m scared of thunderstorms and cats. I’m also scared of falling in love. Been there done that and when I love, I love hard!

I started reflecting on the fact that it’s been six years since my divorce and I am a changed woman. I have strength that I didn’t know existed. I’ve hit rock bottom and had to crawl to get back up. And most days I still think I must be doing something wrong.

I’ve had six years to love myself and that has been a blessing. I’ve also had six years to get set in my ways and inviting someone inside Copher’s Community scares me.

I’ve become secure in being alone, which many people struggle with in their life. In my heart I knew I wasn’t any good for anyone else if I wasn’t good for myself.

Now it’s game time to walk the walk, and all that watch Brooke get her groove back jazz. It’s time I listen to the blogs I write for others and apply it to my own life.

I want to overcome all of my fears, but the cats, well I’m not sure.🤔



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