You’re Going The Wrong Way

If things aren’t going the way you hoped. Maybe it’s because you are looking in the wrong direction. You’re trying to move forward but you’re too busy looking back at the sins, mistakes and drama from the past.

I’m guilty of doing this too, so I’m not judging you. I’m trying to save you the grief I went through so you can move forward.

The problem is we have convinced ourselves that we don’t deserve happiness, a better life or a fresh start. We often hold up our own blessings and breakthrough because of the negative Nancy attitude that we have.

When I got divorced someone told me good luck finding a man, who will date me with two kids and one that has a disability? I let that ignorant comment into my head and for quite some time I began to believe it. There I was not able to release what was behind me to accept what was ahead of me.

You deserve the best life, a clean slate, love, new career, and closure. It’s time to go in the right direction. The only time you look behind you is to see who’s admiring you from afar!



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