And Then There’s Jenny From The Block!

I know that I could write a blog about all of my coworkers at school. They have all touched me in a different way. Many will joke and say “Brooke, that’s a blog topic right there.” “Brooke did I make the blog?” Some will say, “Please don’t blog about this Brooke.”

Since I’ve been back to work. I have gotten many blog ideas in the past two weeks. My first day of school with my students and chatting with Auntie Jenny as Syd calls her is today’s focus.

School secretaries are ninjas and superheroes. Karen and Jenny are two amazing women that help our school each day. They have both helped me when I couldn’t find something, remember something or when I’ve had an emergency.

My first day anxiety is always will I learn all of my students names before the end of the day? Will I survive without my nap and bathroom breaks? I can’t forget praying that dismissal goes well and everyone gets home safely.

The most important thing that needs to be done by 9:00am is to take attendance. The excitement of the students entering the room, unpacking, eating their breakfast, and telling me everything they did the night before can cause me to forget my mental to do list.

I like to do attendance on the computer while the students come to carpet for morning meeting. I take a moment and glance around the room and enter my attendance.

On the first day of school I get a call from Jenny, from the office.😉 I marked all of my students absent on the first day of school.

My response was that I was thinking they were all so amazing, so I clicked the A column and kept it moving.

Jenny and I laughed about it and are still laughing about it. Mistakes happen to the best of us and my mistakes lead to blog topics.

I’m sending love, hugs and strength to all of my teacher friends and staff, as we prepare for our first full week of school.



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