That’s Why You Need Therapy

Therapy is often taboo in the black community. We go to church not therapists or at least that is what we were told when growing up. Seeing a therapist was a sign of weakness because you were supposed to take your burdens to The Lord in prayer, not to the man while lying on a couch.

I love Jesus and pray often but the day I started seeing a therapist was life changing. Being in therapy made me realize I was in therapy not so much for myself but I was in therapy because of others in my life that really needed therapy for themselves. I miss Michigan for many reasons and one reason is I miss my therapist.

For the past six years I’ve searched for a therapist in Delaware and haven’t found a good match for me yet. I’ll keep journaling and spending time in my prayer closet until I find someone that I trust and feel comfortable with sharing all of my drama with for an hour session.

I’m mad at myself for allowing other people, their problems and baggage to become my problem, forcing me into therapy. I’m mad at myself for trying to think I had the power to save a person, when they were responsible for saving themselves.

Why do we take on so much when we are struggling to stay afloat with our own baggage? I’m still trying to figure that answer out for myself. It’s my nature to want to help others, but I finally realized I can’t save you if you don’t want to save yourself.

Seeing a therapist isn’t taboo it’s like a life jacket that we need at times to keep us from drowning in our daily lives.

Be encouraged friends!



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