Blue Pumpkins

I didn’t realize there was so much controversy over using the blue pumpkin. I think many of the comments against children with autism using the blue pumpkin are from parents that have been in the autism game for a long time.

When I think about us at the beginning of our autism journey I would have welcomed that blue pumpkin. I was sleep deprived, Syd was nonverbal and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown if someone was mean to Syd.

Is the blue pumpkin any different from a street sign that warns pedestrians of an autistic child living/playing nearby? I met a parent last night and she was blue pumpkin shamed by other autism moms because she wanted her daughter to carry a blue pumpkin. I don’t care if you are carrying a rainbow pumpkin, a black pumpkin or a Walmart plastic bag. Do you boo and enjoy Halloween however you wish.

Three years ago I posted on my development’s FB page about Syd and autism and asking for people to be patient with us for our first time trick or treating. After posting I met other families living with autism and neighbors that reached out to me and said thanks for sharing our life.

No matter where you stand on the blue pumpkin saga, be kind! Everyone is on a different journey and doing the best they can for their kiddo!!!!



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