Don’t Tell Me Syd Hijacked The School Bus

Monday’s are challenging for us in the morning. No matter how much I prep the night before something happens on a Monday morning that disturbs our routine. This past Monday was no exception. I knew I had to visit the nurse at the high school to review Syd’s new seizure action plan and be at a meeting at my school by 8:00 am. I needed everyone’s bus to come on time to make our morning smooth.

Things were going well. Syd only complained once about not wearing flip flops, but she was ready for school. Harrison left for his bus and Syd and I waited on the porch for her bus to come. After a quick dance party she was on her way and the coast was clear for me to get ready and leave for the day.

When I heard the doorbell ring at 6:40 am, I admit I panicked. No one rings your doorbell that early unless it’s the police telling you about some unfortunate incident involving a loved one. All I could say was not today Satan!!!

I don’t have a Ring camera and yes I know I’m probably the only one who doesn’t have one, but ain’t nobody got time for installing that.

My first reaction was not to answer the door. Then I decided it must be an emergency and I should help. When I opened the door it was an elderly gentleman on my porch and before I could say anything. I thought to myself I can take him down no problem Sydney taught me well.

I didn’t recognize him at all. Before I could speak he told me he was Syd’s bus aide. Immediately, my mind went in a million directions. I was thinking Syd hijacked the bus. Syd had a meltdown because she’s wearing boots instead of flip flops. Syd’s taken the driver and other kids hostage and let the elderly man go as a good faith gesture.

Then I thought the clothes I’m wearing are appropriate for standing on the porch in the dark waiting on a bus. Not for actually talking to people up close!!!!

Finally, the gentleman spoke and he wanted to know if he could leave his car in front of my house today. He was late and missed the bus this morning before Ms. Tasha started her am bus run. He needed to wait for Ms. Tasha to circle back around and pick him up.

After I composed myself and finished The Lord’s Prayer in my head. I had to remind myself not to always think the worst at first. Autism has me on high alert and it’s hard to think that things will go smoothly.



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