Don’t Ask Questions Just Go Get The Christmas Tree

Let me start off by saying I really do love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. This year will be hard celebrating Thanksgiving without my Grandma Bertha but I know she’s watching us from heaven.

Sydney loves all holidays and loves to decorate. Our tradition was always to put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving but not official “light up” the tree until Thanksgiving Night.

Each year Sydney’s communication has improved and she’s expressed her need to decorate. This year we decided to start even earlier. We’ve already had our Nativity Set and Christmas cards up all year so what’s the big deal.

Harrison is not on board with our plan. He even said I should go and buy Thanksgiving decorations!!! He stopped watching the Michigan football game and brought up the tree from the basement and put it up for us.

Syd and I will wait until next week to decorate our tree. Harrison and Sydney each have their own small trees and this year Syd will decorate them both.

We’re not rushing time. We’re doing what makes us smile and happy. Yes, if you visit our home, Syd just might be singing Christmas carols. 🌲 When do you break out the Christmas decorations?



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