Syd, Dead People Can Visit You Anytime!

Last night Syd didn’t go to bed until midnight. When I asked her why she couldn’t sleep she told me she saw dead people. #nottodaysatan

Then I asked her were they zombie dead people? Stranger dead people? Or dead people that we know? She relied, “It’s our dead family.” I replied, “Tell them I said hello, but mommy has got to go to bed.”

I listened from my room as Syd sang songs, said her prayers again, and talked to dead relatives.

Well, it must have worked because she slept from midnight until 5:30 am. That’s the most sleep we both have gotten in weeks!!!

I believe that you can feel the presence of a loved one that has passed on and I believe that Syd’s connection with that is much stronger than mine.

I think it’s her way of dealing with grief and processing why she doesn’t see those family members anymore.

Tonight I told Syd that we can start talking to dead people at 9:00 pm so we can add three more hours onto our sleep total for the night!🤷🏽‍♀️

An autism mama has to do what an autism mama has to do.



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