Identity Theft

When they see me coming. Do they see me or autism? Do they see Harrison and Sydney’s mom? Do they see a divorced mom? Yes, I think I wear my titles well. But what do they really see when they look at me? What is my true identity? There was a time when I lost … More Identity Theft

Just Be You

Are you comfortable with who you are? Or do you wear a disguise to fit in with the people around you? A few weeks ago, I wasn’t happy with myself. I recognized my flaws and imperfections. I had to finally face them so that I could move on with my life. Autism has taught me … More Just Be You

C+ Is Passing

Do you ever think about the little things that happen to you in your life?  Those little things may actually be huge victories for others.  Just think about our family going to the mall for the first time in four years.  Some families go to the mall weekly. For our family that was a major … More C+ Is Passing