Adventures in Autism

It was March 16, 2018. We are almost finished with our third appointment at AI Hospital. It really stinks that this is how we had to spend part of our day off from school. But that’s autism. We received a great report from the last doctor. He even commented on how Sydney was attentive during … More Adventures in Autism


You may have noticed my latest hashtag, #belikesyd. I can’t take the credit for creating that. My good friend Katie came over this past weekend. When she was leaving Syd came down to say hi to Auntie Katie. If you haven’t figured it out yet. If you are a friend of mine. My children will … More #BELIKESYD

Our Autism

The road we travel is not for the weary. When you travel this road. There isn’t a map. You can’t use Google maps to give you an alternate route. If you run into traffic, have an accident, hit a pothole, or get a flat tire. AAA isn’t coming baby! Do you see where I am … More Our Autism

It Never Ends

It never seems to end. Just when I think we can blend in with the rest of the world. There is always someone to remind us of autism. Recently, I went through two rough experiences with Sydney. Where I needed to advocate with grace. I think we shocked the world when we showed up for … More It Never Ends

Sydney’s Story

I watched her as she picked out her clothes and dressed herself. Including lip gloss. She even had time to paint her nails. After eating breakfast. She cleared her plate and changed the date on our family calendar. Then she waited by the window for the bus. Five years ago, the scenario would play out … More Sydney’s Story