If You’re Happy And You Know It

There was a time when I didn’t know what happiness felt like. I was smiling all of the time. But I was far from happy. I became accustomed to hearing bad news, being rejected, and having obstacles thrown at me from every direction. To me that was a part of adulthood. Happiness was the last … More If You’re Happy And You Know It


Would you believe me if I told you that this will be a short blog? Probably not. It will be. I am reminding you today that miracles happen. They might not be the miraculous events of The Bible that you witness. Like the parting of The Rea Sea, God raising Jesus from the dead, or … More Miracles

C+ Is Passing

Do you ever think about the little things that happen to you in your life?  Those little things may actually be huge victories for others.  Just think about our family going to the mall for the first time in four years.  Some families go to the mall weekly. For our family that was a major … More C+ Is Passing