But, I Survived

Speaking in front of my first graders is easy. Half of the time, they are trying to tie their shoes or wanting to go to the bathroom. Speaking in front of adults can be difficult for me. I do better when it is an impromptu speech. When someone gives me a topic and a week … More But, I Survived


  When I was younger I remember singing Respect by Aretha Franklin in front of a mirror, with a hairbrush as my microphone. I loved that song. I had no clue about what the lyrics meant. Now, when I sing that song. I realize her lyrics are fierce! I was always taught to respect my … More Respect

Just Wait

When you don’t get the job that you applied for. Everything happens for a reason. When the guy doesn’t call you back after the first date. Everything happens for a reason. When your team loses the championship game. Everything happens for a reason. When you apply to college and don’t get accepted. Everything happens for … More Just Wait