When Dreams Come True

Sydney told me she needed a cellphone yesterday. I think she saw all of the other cheerleaders with their phones and she wanted one too. I told her we could talk about it at our next family meeting.

Walking into the high school yesterday for her competition she reminded me of Steph Curry walking into the arena. She had her headphones and sunglasses on and was listening to The Bangles. She was ready!

It was going to be a long day and I admit I wasn’t sure how Syd would react. The waiting, the crowds, the noise, could all have been a trigger for her. She loved seeing all of the other cheerleaders and she enjoyed watching other teams perform.

I felt a bond yesterday with the other parents on her team. I think we were all anxious, but we smiled and kept each other calm. I also appreciate being welcomed by all of the teams and families at TriState.

When our team took the floor, Sydney’s dream of being a cheerleader came true. Earlier that day I cried because Syd won’t get her driver’s license and experience that milestone. I began to think about the milestones she’s already missed and what she might not have a chance to experience in the future.

All of that disappeared when I saw Sydney perform with her cheer squad National Treasures. The support of the gym, the coaches and the junior coaches is amazing. We felt liked we belonged yesterday and for a brief moment I didn’t think about Syd’s future, autism, or epilepsy. I just thought, look at my girl who would have never done this six years ago. There she was performing and having fun.

Yesterday was a reminder for me to stop worrying about things that I can’t change, and enjoy the moment.



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