Syd, You Can Do Better

Harrison watched the videos of Sydney at track practice last week. I couldn’t help but laugh listening to their conversation.

When Harrison saw Sydney throw the shot put, he told her she could do better. At first I gave him a look, but then he went on to remind me that Syd could throw things across the room farther than she threw that shot put! I tried not to laugh, but he was 100% correct. All Syd could do was laugh.

When he saw the video of Syd doing the running long jump. He reminded her that she could jump from one piece of furniture to the other without missing a beat.

He gave her some pointers for running faster like pretend someone was chasing her. I just hope she doesn’t start screaming, “We’re all gonna die!”

Harrison encouraged her to do her best and he told her how proud he was of her for listening to directions and trying new things.

Each day we see Sydney gain another skill or show independence is a day that gives us hope for her future.

I’m trying my best to stop worrying about what could go wrong when Sydney is exposed to something new. Instead, I focus on how will the experience help her for the future.



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