I’m Really Not That Special Karen

I know God only gives you what you can handle. Or at least that’s what I’m told every time I mention Sydney’s autism. I almost forgot He only gives special needs children to special parents, right? Well guess what? I’m not that special.

I don’t have the inside scoop on how to parent a child living with autism. I’m not better than another parent of atypical children. I don’t have the patience of a saint. I can go from calling on Jesus, and Jesus take the wheel to saying in my head, I’m about to lose my shit! Do you still think I’m special?

There’s no manual that was given to me and I don’t think I’m special. If God blessed you with a child with a disability you would travel the journey, never look back and push forward.

I’m not special. I’m human and I cry, laugh, scream, vent, advocate and second guess every decision I make.

One day I realized, I’m not special, I am badass!



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