I Think I Love April More Than Black History Month

I may lose my black card for this blog but it’s definitely worth it. I get very excited for the month of April, especially April 2nd. I think maybe even more excited than Black History Month.

On April 2nd we Light It Up Blue to raise awareness and acceptance for Autism. For the entire month of April we see lots of blue and puzzle pieces.

Copher’s Community raises autism awareness daily. We’ve become the poster family for autism and I’m fine with that. We share our story, struggles, success and pain so others may have insight on what living with autism is really like.

In April we have the Autism Walk where Sydney’s Super Squad raises money for Autism Delaware and we enjoy a fun day together with family and friends. We attend Huddle Up for Autism sponsored by the Philadelphia Eagles and we get a chance to experience the stadium, players and activities.

There are many “autism friendly” events that take place and for our family this was the only time that we would venture out in public. We would only go to autism friendly movies, train rides, or activities at museums or stores. We never went out with “normal” families.

A lot has changed for our family and I have Autism to thank for that. Autism made my children warriors, confident, empathetic and compassionate. Autism made me badass.

So as April approaches will you join us in Lighting It Up Blue for Autism? Will you learn a new fact about living with autism? Will you smile at a parent that’s struggling with a child on the spectrum in public and offer to help? Will you teach your children to accept other children at school with autism and encourage them to get to know them? Will you donate to Autism Delaware? Will you talk with your legislators about the importance of special education funding in your schools?

You can make a difference and spread autism awareness and acceptance. Will you accept the challenge?



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