Whenever I See You Smile

For so long we waited for that smile to come back and the light in your eyes to twinkle again. For a brief time we lost you and during that time you never smiled.

You communicated by screaming, and other aggressive behaviors. I probably wouldn’t smile either if I couldn’t process language and communicate. Or if the seizures were so scary and you had no way to tell me what was happening.

I wanted you to talk but more importantly I wanted you to smile. I wanted to see the joy in your face that I saw before. In time that smile returned and each day gave me a glimmer of hope for the future.

The autism journey will change your world I would be lying if I said it would not. The autism journey can also provide so many opportunities to know the meaning of love, sacrifice and faith.

I capture moments when you’re smiling to remind me of the years that passed when you lost your smile.



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