The Future’s So Bright

I’ve canceled the appointment to discuss my estate planning three times. All three times I had valid reasons like I was tired, I didn’t have a sitter and I didn’t want to go.

Last week I was reminded of how tomorrow isn’t promised and I need to make a plan and be prepared. I know that my sissy and parents would be there for Harrison and Sydney if something happened to me. I know their father would be there too.

Harrison’s job isn’t to take care of Sydney, but knowing him he will always look out for her. As I advocate for Sydney, I want to improve her quality of life. I’m not searching for a cure. I’m advocating for resources and funding for adults with autism.

I don’t have all the answers and I can’t keep saying I’ll take care of this next year. It’s a hard topic to discuss, but my family will thank me in the end.

It seems just like yesterday that I heard the words Sydney has autism. Here we are eleven years later and we’re still searching for help.

Every autism parent dreads this topic and in our hearts we pray it would magically disappear. Then reality kicks in and it’s back to planning for the future.

I’ve accepted that Syd may always live with me and if she does I am reminded of the scripture that sums up my desire to have children. For this child I have prayed and this child I will love until the end.

Don’t be like me and cancel your appointments. Face them head on and don’t let fear hold you back.



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