Jesus Take The Ferris Wheel And The Waffle Fries

I called on Jesus so much on Wednesday. I’m sure He doesn’t want to hear from me again until Thanksgiving!

Wednesday our family accomplished major victories. You can never plan enough for autism and I learned that sometimes all of my planning makes things worse.

I thought back to last year when Sydney and I were on top of the Ferris wheel at the boardwalk. Syd was singing in her high pitched voice and sliding from side to side. All I could think about was her trying to jump out.

Fast forward to our recent Ferris wheel ride and while we were stopped. I was calling on Black Jesus like the grandma on Blackish! I felt like our family was normal in that moment.

After the ride I saw another family, with a child with a disability navigating the rides and we both smiled and gave each other the you’ve got this look! Then it hit me that no matter what we endure we are just as normal as the next family. Our normal is just fine.

When we left the boardwalk we rushed to the beach for Surfers Healing. I didn’t prepare Syd to surf just in case it was raining or we didn’t make it in time. I called on Jesus to help us find a close parking spot and we found one. I texted my friend Kelly and told her we were there and she said get Syd to the beach ASAP, the last group of surfers were taking the kids out. I pretended not to see the strike of lightning and said “Fix it Jesus!”

Syd had to change into her bathing suit in my Toyota Rav 4, not a minivan or a Tahoe with a little extra room. I was covering windows with towels while she did the shimmy to get into her bathing suit. I thought we were ready and I noticed she had the suit on backwards.

We were laughing. I was having a hot flash and was thanking Jesus I wasn’t wearing a wig!🤦🏾‍♀️ Syd and I finally made it, as we strutted onto that beach in our bathing suits. As soon as Syd saw the surfers her eyes lit up and she was all smiles.

She went off with the volunteers and headed for the ocean and didn’t look back. Jesus please calm the waters and let my girl get out there and He did. The surfer asked Syd was she standing or riding the surfboard. I think she was tired, so she got on her belly and held on tight!!

She had a few times to ride the waves. I didn’t faint like last year and I got to see my girl enjoy the water. That ten minutes in the water was worth it all. Syd talks more when she’s at the beach. It happens every time we go. The ocean is calming and therapeutic for her. All of her sensory needs are met by being in the water. Harrison said he wishes we could join Surfers Healers and go around the country meeting other autism families like us!!!💙🧩

Our beach adventure ended with a stop at a restaurant. I didn’t know what was on the menu and was praying it would be something the kids would eat. Well, when the waffle fries were placed in front of Syd, I thought Jesus where are you? There was no way waffle fries would ruin our family day. Six years ago waffle fries instead of “regular” fries would have caused Syd to have a meltdown. I may have said the waffle fries looked like princess crowns or pyramids but she didn’t get upset and ate a few of them.

I learned a lot from our beach adventure. I embraced my curves and fears of walking on the beach without a cover up. I did more in one day with my kids than I would have done in months in the past. Jesus sent guardian angels that were with me along the way.



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