Mama Told You Not To Run With Scissors

I know some of you like a thrill and to live on the wild side. There’s nothing wrong with being adventurous, but please don’t run with scissors. Some of us live our lives in a reckless manner and we run with scissors not expecting that something bad will happen. When you are running with scissors … More Mama Told You Not To Run With Scissors

Five Minutes

It only took five minutes, three hundred seconds. The entire interaction that would dictate my mood for the day. I am angry at myself for having my guard down. I am angry for allowing something that didn’t deserve my full attention to ruin my day. Has that ever happened to you? You might experience something … More Five Minutes

Build The Walls

There comes a time when you need to build a wall. I don’t know about you. But I don’t have the materials or the manpower to make that happen. Have you ever been in a situation in your life, where you felt like you are wandering in the wilderness? Your judgement is off and your … More Build The Walls

Monday Morning

It would usually happen around 2:00 pm every Sunday. Just like clock work. It was that feeling that my weekend was coming to an end. I felt sad, depressed and dreaded everything that I needed to do. In order to have us all prepared for Monday. Not for the entire week. My goal was just … More Monday Morning

I See Your Pain

I see your pain. Even in a crowded room it is noticeable to me. Maybe others don’t see your pain. But I do. Maybe it is because I am a professional at pretending that everything is perfect. When in reality I am living in hell. You didn’t mean to yell at your child. You are … More I See Your Pain