But, I Survived

Speaking in front of my first graders is easy. Half of the time, they are trying to tie their shoes or wanting to go to the bathroom. Speaking in front of adults can be difficult for me. I do better when it is an impromptu speech. When someone gives me a topic and a week … More But, I Survived

Free Your Mind

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Wasn’t that a slogan back in the 1980’s? When you go through a traumatic experience. The mind is often your biggest enemy. Your soul and body often heal quickly. Why won’t your mind allow you to rest? I am constantly thinking and analyzing every situation. Some situations … More Free Your Mind

Run Brooke Run

Yesterday I did something completely out of my comfort zone. I left the kids at home to go for a run. Well, it wasn’t really a run. It was a trot, a skip, a stroll. Okay, it was really more like a power walk. I was in the neighborhood so it wasn’t like I was … More Run Brooke Run

Find Your Balance

Time management is crucial in my life. But it was this summer that I realized that there was something better than time management. It was finding my balance. Finding your balance is essential to your happiness. If you find your balance and are still stressing about what you are not doing. Then you still have … More Find Your Balance