Tell Me Something Good

What’s your something good? A job, your spouse, a friendship, a relationship or your peace of mind? Have you ever thought the grass was greener on the other side? I have and guess what it wasn’t. The grass looked greener, but it was far from better.

Now I’m not telling you not to leave your job if that is what God has laid on your heart. Please don’t get me started on listening to you justify why leaving your “something good” to start a life with someone else is okay. Remember you’re talking to a former woman scorned and I don’t have time for that.

It’s a very humbling experience when you realize that you messed up a good thing. You had everything that you needed but you let social media, society and maybe your friends push you to the edge.

Don’t make your move to soon. All that glitters isn’t gold. And if the grass appears greener on the other side it’s because they have been working their ass off to make it that way.

If you find yourself in a situation that is worse than the one you left. It’s time to do some soul searching and humble yourself and make a change.

In front of you, you just might have your most prized possession. Pray before you make a move. Sometimes you can’t always go back to what you walked away from.



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