How Low Can You Go?

When I was younger I was the limbo champ. When I was younger I could drop it likes it hot. When they were asking for volunteers to sit on the floor or kneel for the staff picture day this week. I thought to myself not today Satan. If I go low, I’m not getting up.

I raise the bar for myself, my children and my students. Raising a child with a disability makes you question the expectations that you set. In the past I settled for the bare minimum because it was presented in such a beautiful way. I thought it was the greatest gift I could ask for at the time.

This week I raised the bar for myself. I began to prioritize, and reflect on the past mistakes I’ve made, in hopes of not repeating them again. I thought about the progress I’ve made in areas of my life and I made a plan on how to keep improving.

I’m done moving the bar down like in limbo. It’s time to raise the bar and produce something better!



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