Playing The Autism Card

I may have played the race card once or twice. It wasn’t what you think. I didn’t use my blackness to get admitted into school, ask for special treatment or to scream racism. It was when I was with friends and they wanted to rent a plane for skydiving and I had to remind them … More Playing The Autism Card

I’ve Been Broken

I grew up believing that broken crayons didn’t color. I was the kid that would have a panic attack when my pencil broke in school. I was taught that broken was not good enough. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized beautiful things happen once you’ve been broken. I was broken making … More I’ve Been Broken

What Autism Taught Me

I usually start my autism success stories with, I never would have thought….. This past weekend isn’t any different after attending Reach the Beach Cheerleading Competition in Ocean City, Maryland. Sydney has never really been involved in an extra curricular activity. If we tried activities in the past she would go once and it would … More What Autism Taught Me