Oh No, Not A Daddy Daughter Dance

Sydney really enjoys cheerleading. Her gym has been such a blessing. They have embraced the cheerabilities team and support them 100% at competitions. I’m always overcome with emotions when Syd competes. She looks like all of the other girls. You don’t see autism, you see Sydney. I’m not sure if I was an emotional wreck … More Oh No, Not A Daddy Daughter Dance

My Companion

Dating after divorce is difficult, dating period can be difficult. Dating for a special needs parent has a few more challenges. I don’t have time to waste so if you’re not jumping on the autism train with us than “Bye Felecia!” Finding the time and energy to date is hard for me and don’t forget … More My Companion


I battled infertility, an autism and epilepsy diagnosis for Sydney, a divorce and relocating my family. I’m strong but I’m also human and death is something that hits me hard. We lost our matriarch and for the past three days I have been in a daze. Not able to write, pray or focus. I am … More Grief

She’s Different

She woke up different. She no longer cared about what her enemies thought of her. She didn’t care about the gossip that floated through the air. She woke up different. She focused on her friends and the people that loved her unconditionally. She didn’t let the opinions of others deter her from her goals. She … More She’s Different

I Was Helen

If I had to count how many times I have seen this movie. I am not sure that I know the correct answer. Every time that I watch it. I find out that the character, Helen and I are very similar. I guess I will watch it one more time. I know the words by … More I Was Helen