The Power of Love

I’ve been told that I care too much. That I love too hard. Is that a weakness? I am not sure that it is. I believe in second chances. But at some point enough is enough. In the words of the great Shemar Moore. “Don’t sacrifice home to go and play in someone else’s yard.” … More The Power of Love

If I Write It…

If I write it, they will read it. At least that is what has happened in the past year. I never got blogger’s burnout. I never had writer’s block yet. Maybe because Copher’s Community has so much excitement going on each day of the week. Well, the time has to come for us to say … More If I Write It…

The Wedding Dress

When mommy was at my house one day watching the kids. She left something behind. I guess she forgot to tell me. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the coat closet and found my wedding gown staring back at me. Now I hadn’t seen my gown in about nine years. Mommy brought … More The Wedding Dress

Flirting 101

Is there a refresher course in flirting?  Not that I was ever the master of it.  I can discern when someone is flirting or just being nice. Married men it would be very helpful if you could wear your ring.  I understand if your job is the reason that you can’t wear your ring . … More Flirting 101