I’d Like To Thank My Friends

I love when good things happen to people. I don’t even have to know them personally but I get excited and sometimes overcome with emotion when I hear great news about my friends. When I saw these meme I laughed because that’s not always the case for some situations. I accomplished a huge goal that … More I’d Like To Thank My Friends

Thanks 2017

2017 was a magnificent year. Our family made huge milestones. Harrison’s 50 State Autism Challenge, starting high school like a champ and growing up into a humble young man.  Are just a few of his proud moments.  Sydney has been successful in 8th grade inclusion classes. She has a great new para, and teachers that … More Thanks 2017

Why Rush?

I want it and I want it now! Do I sound like a toddler? I actually sound like some adults.  Me included at times. When I was younger.  I was not good at waiting for what I wanted. I was always in such a rush. As I matured, I’ve accepted that needed wait time. And … More Why Rush?

All Of The Above

Yes, I remember using a scantron sheet. Or better yet, I used the Blue Book to take my exams. You know how I love my pencils. So, I was always prepared with enough sharpened No. 2 pencils. Standardized tests were not my friend. I would become physically sick staring at the test, watching the clock … More All Of The Above

Seven Long Years

It only took seven years. That is not such a long time. Well, now that I think about it seven years seemed liked forever. I’m sure you are wondering what took so long. Well, it took seven years for my kids and I to finally enjoy our summer vacation. For the past seven years. Summer … More Seven Long Years