The Tides Are Turning

I have always admired surfers. Being able to ride the waves and control their bodies on the surf board. That takes great skill and is very impressive. They must have extreme focus. They must be prepared to endure the weather and unexpected waves. Surfers must also practice patience. The waves have been rocky for me … More The Tides Are Turning

Monday Morning

It would usually happen around 2:00 pm every Sunday. Just like clock work. It was that feeling that my weekend was coming to an end. I felt sad, depressed and dreaded everything that I needed to do. In order to have us all prepared for Monday. Not for the entire week. My goal was just … More Monday Morning

Is That You Satan?

They say everything happens for a reason. Do you believe that is true? I grew up blaming everything on the devil when something didn’t go my way. Especially when something bad happened to me. I would hear people say. “ That’s nothing but the devil.” Or “Get behind me satan.” “That’s nothing but the trick … More Is That You Satan?

Find Your Balance

Time management is crucial in my life. But it was this summer that I realized that there was something better than time management. It was finding my balance. Finding your balance is essential to your happiness. If you find your balance and are still stressing about what you are not doing. Then you still have … More Find Your Balance

If I Write It…

If I write it, they will read it. At least that is what has happened in the past year. I never got blogger’s burnout. I never had writer’s block yet. Maybe because Copher’s Community has so much excitement going on each day of the week. Well, the time has to come for us to say … More If I Write It…