Thanks Meghan

If you know me I have a slight obsession with The Royal Family. I love seeing the children, the weddings all of it. Today, I have a new respect for The Duchess. I admire her for keeping it real! Many people were upset that she wasn’t going to come outside to show off their baby … More Thanks Meghan

Why I Love Nurses

Nurses held my hands on many hospital visits with Sydney. Nurses taught me how to administer her rescue meds for seizures. Nurses comforted me when Harrison was born weighing two pounds and fourteen ounces. Nurses helped my son in the NICU for two months. Nurses helped me when I battled infertility, surgery after surgery. Nurses … More Why I Love Nurses

Damaged People

I have to admit I’m glad that I was damaged in the past. In some ways maybe parts of me are still damaged. When you’ve been damaged and hit rock bottom you have a humbling experience that will change your mindset and path in life. Every day bullshit doesn’t affect you the same way that … More Damaged People