I Am A Crayola Not A RoseArt

I buy off brand, and store brands if it’s cheaper. There’s no shame in my game there. I don’t need designer things, so that the label shows for all to see. If you do see me with a designer anything it was given to me, or I bought it on clearance from Marshall’s. Some days … More I Am A Crayola Not A RoseArt

Men Still Do That?

Since I posted about my heart monitor and being asked out on five dates, you guys have really shown me some love. Thanks for the messages, offers to babysit and dating tips. I thought I would give you a quick update. Bachelor #1 just wants a pen pal or texting buddy. Not much happening there. … More Men Still Do That?

Who Needs Match.com When You’re Wearing A Heart Monitor

I am not sure if it is my heart monitor or my short natural hairstyle, but this sista was asked out on five dates this week. Holla!!!!  Before you get all excited two of those invites don’t count. One little boy was thirty years old! Bless his little heart.  Another gentlemen was a little “suspect”, … More Who Needs Match.com When You’re Wearing A Heart Monitor

Positive Vibes

Good Morning friends!!! I’m blogging from the waiting room at the doctor’s office. This will be a quick reminder to focus on the positive and understand the importance of self care. Self care is the new buzz word but for me it is my aha moment. For the past six months I’ve devoted my focus … More Positive Vibes

Halfway There

Sydney’s new wake up time this summer is 4:30 am! Hello summer and thank you Jesus I’m a teacher on summer vacation. I made a bucket list of things to do and I haven’t been able to check off many things from the list. I think that it took the first two weeks of summer … More Halfway There


My affirmation post-it collection was on the mirror in my bathroom. It was my morning meeting time with myself, it helped prepare me for the day ahead. Last year I threw away all of the post-it notes and started over. This time I moved them to the office space downstairs where I work. It’s definitely … More Post-It