A Reality Check

The older I get the wiser I get, and the shorter my patience is for nonsense. I didn’t have this much drama in high school. It’s sad when you find out that someone who claimed to be in your corner really didn’t have your best interest at heart. We all struggle and go through periods … More A Reality Check

Hit the Badass Button

I thought my Bye Felecia bell was the best, that was until I got my badass button. The badass talking button has five phrases for your pleasure. “You are a badass!” “Feed fear a suck-it sandwich!” “Do what you love.” “You create your reality.” “You can dooo eeet!” Just imagine pushing the badass button before … More Hit the Badass Button

Let It Snow

Once a month I’ve started scheduling “me time”. As much as I would love to schedule time with friends, some months I celebrate “me time” all by myself. My “me time” activity also has to fit into my budget. In August I signed up for a sled workshop. I completely forgot about it until the … More Let It Snow

Tis the Season

Sydney loves all holidays and her joy being surrounded by family isn’t something that we always experienced. Today she’s counting down to a bonfire at Uncle Jake’s house tonight, maybe that’s why she got all fancy this morning. Each year I say I’m not going to stress about the holidays and I’ve gotten better. Yes, … More Tis the Season