I See Your Pain

I see your pain. Even in a crowded room it is noticeable to me. Maybe others don’t see your pain. But I do. Maybe it is because I am a professional at pretending that everything is perfect. When in reality I am living in hell. You didn’t mean to yell at your child. You are … More I See Your Pain

Just Get Over It

I really hope she answers the phone. I need to talk with someone. If I call mommy. She will only worry. I can’t talk with her now. She will hear the pain in my voice. I am not doing a good job at hiding the pain in my life right now. What time is it … More Just Get Over It

The Power of Love

I’ve been told that I care too much. That I love too hard. Is that a weakness? I am not sure that it is. I believe in second chances. But at some point enough is enough. In the words of the great Shemar Moore. “Don’t sacrifice home to go and play in someone else’s yard.” … More The Power of Love


Maybe this is a sign. The numbers 715 might be the winning lottery numbers. Or maybe God is trying to steer me to a chapter and verse in The Bible. All I know is $7.15 is all the money that I have in my account. As I sat on the floor with a pile of … More $7.15